Plastikman – EX

Seeing this guy play at Minus, Ministry London a few years back was not only one of the best shows I’d seen in years.. it totally blew all the other DJ’eys away that night. It’s kinda like comparing the new and cheesy Jupiter 80 to the old and wonderful Jupiter 8 … Hawtin was mountains ahead of the other guys and he really portrayed what minimal stood for. I find today a lot of minimal records are bridging into progressive and using those large pads and whoosh uplifters which goes against the reason why minimal was invented… to rid us of those cliché intervals.

This new record from Plastikman is fantastic defining the purity of his work and exploring new worlds with the sound design. I recommend picking up the vinyl released later next month on

Track feature: A Number of Names – Sharivari

“It was at a time, we used to be pretty musical back in the days
It wasn’t unusual to learn to play guitar and piano..
But at some point all of that was removed from us
they tried to take the music from us
so what did we do
we had no instruments, no horns, no drums
we were living in the city, no room .. huddled up in apartments..
We didn’t have room anywhere
and all we had was the record player
and the only thing we could do was play it
and then we turned it into an instrument… which it was never supposed to be …”

– Interview from a techno pioneer in Detroit

This pretty much sums up this tune from Detriot techno producers Number of Names. The B-Side to Sharevari oozing sex appeal creating this classic electro masterwork from 1981.